Five minutes with Jess

We love our insta community, and want to introduce you to the hippest mums of right now, get inside their thoughts and find out the hottest must haves this season.
Meet Jess, the mumma behind @lifeofriverarlo_, and the inspiration behind our 'River shorties'. If you haven't yet come across this amazing account full of enviable interiors and heart warming family shots, we suggest you check them out, you won't regret it! 


Can you introduce yourself to us?

I have my own business as a makeup artist, which I started up to become a stay at home mum through the week and work weekends.
I first started my Instagram account just as 'baby spam', but then soon became interested in photography and progressed for the love of baby wear.
I used to be in love with all things street wear, but soon enough found a new love for handmade and ethical toys, clothing and accessories
We love how unique River's name is, how did you decide on the name?

My husband actually thought of it, even before I fell pregnant we had it picked. He heard it through a friend of a friends kid. We both agree on things easily :) 
We have names already picked for our next baby whatever the sex may be lol.
What has been the biggest challenge you have found since becoming a mum?

I think it would have to be the judgement of others, epesically other mums. Parenthood is a gamble, a guessing game really, but strong views and options of others can hinder your own values. Over coming judgements is my overall challenge.
Your makeup is always on point, tell us about your business 

It may be on point for Insta photos, but I’m not one to wear it if I don’t have too. I like to let my face breathe throughout the week, if I go out at all I usually just apply light foundation, mascara and do my brows!
As I said before, I started my business for the dream to be a stay at home mum, but id have to say I’ve always been creative in many areas e.g. drawing, painting and I started applying makeup to my sister years ago. From here I found that people liked what I did and I just continued the journey from there! 

What is your colour crush this season?
It would have to be all things ‘earthy’. But I do have a soft spot for mustard and rust!
What is your number one must have home interior at the moment?
Id have to say my raw timber shelving, I have two shelves in my living room and three in rivers room. They are such a statement to both areas, and they are so functional to everyday life!

Your house is amazing, how do you keep it so clean?
I don’t think its clean all the time lol. But I do feel that I keep a lot of toys and nick nacks away from sight so that it doesn’t over stimulate one area. 
I have a small house so using shelves or storage boxes help a lot. I’m also really particular in what toys are kept in sight to what goes with my style.
Some might call it crazy but it works for us. 
Who is your current insta crush?

How do you edit your photos?
I use Lightroom with a preset, then tweek it bit with different tools

One last question, what is your number one tip for juggling motherhood?

I’ve recently just learnt to make myself have a break. 30 mins to yourself can go a long way. Apart from working on the weekends, I’ve decided to do something for myself and I’m so much more equipt to juggle life :)
Thank you to Jess from @lifeofriverarlo_ for answering our questions, we have loved getting to know you a little better, and admire your mummy tips #mumgoals. 

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