Who even are you?!

This is us. One.Two.Three. Simple, ordinary people just like you, that have been blessed to live the life we have. We met in high school, we parted ways, and we came back together to build a family. Leightyn, our muse, and Sean, my soul, is everything behind my label.

You know when you're in school and everyone asks "what do you want to be when you grow up"? and people respond with aspirations such as a firefighter, a nurse or something crazy like a zoo keeper. I always had the same answer through the years, "I want to be a mum when I grow up". But not just any mum, I want to be as good of a mum as my own. I was always told "that's not a job though, what do you want to get paid to do". I never understood that next question. I guess really you have to ask another question for the answer- what are you measuring as payment? 

To me, everyday I wake up, I get to kiss my littlest babe, and he giggles and hides his face, because, seriously mum, how embarrassing! I get to watch him follow his daddy around the house, and play hide and seek with the dog. I get to watch him as he waves goodbye to daddy and begins the morning with some ABC (because who doesn't love weird shows about a land you go to in your sleep *looking at you Iggle Piggle*). How much is that worth to you? To some that may be nothing, but to me it is worth a million bucks and more! 

I remember the day I had to go back to work. Having responsibilities suck! I remember people telling me "that's the mans job" and people who I don't even know say things like "think of all the things you will miss out on, your letting someone else raise your son". Little did they know, I didn't want to go back to work, I wanted nothing more then to be with my babe, but I made a commitment with my first love, my partner in crime, to always support one another. We are a team, and he couldn't do it all on his own. So off I went, and returned to work. My job is great, I get to support educators who are working with children with additional needs, and I get to spend more time with my babe then I do work. That is a lot better then others I know. But my values and core beliefs were being challenged and it made me think, even though I need to support the team, I need to support myself as well. This brought M&L to life.

I have always been children orientated. I have a diploma in children's services, I am in my last year of my teaching degree, I am a mum to the sweetest little muffin, and now, I am designing clothing for all the little loves in the world. Our brand focuses on every day life, for every day people. So often I find I am paying triple I would for a top for myself on a singlet for my babe all because of its story. Our products are designed by me, I literally sketch them (to the best of my ability) and then I send them to my team to bring them to life. I look through 100's of colours and fabrics until I find the perfect match. I keep the prices low, because I do not believe that quality should only be for those who can afford with money. I believe everyone should be able to provide the best they can for their little babe. In a world where everything is a race, practice mindfulness. Indulge in slow fashion, without selling a kidney. Treat yourself to a piece of us, and enjoy the moments that go by all too quickly!



Keep doing what you do! And add an updated blog entry plz… I loved reading this 🙌🏻


Oh LaLa ❤
That is so you! Even as that 15-year old in my shop, I knew you would be a great mum and do amazing things! I am so very proud of you and what you have achieved so far! Keep being you gorgeous!

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